A Running List of Every Musician Playing Bernie Sanders Rallies

Indie Feels the Bern.

A Running List of Every Musician Playing Bernie Sanders Rallies
photo credit: Billboard



2/28/2020 2:30 PM

Bernie Sanders is picking up major steam ahead of Super Tuesday coming up this week. His victory in Nevada has positioned him as the only candidate in history to win the popular vote in all three early voting states and currently holds 45 delegates, roughly 20 more than Pete Buttigieg.

In a notable effort to get the youth vote out, the Bernie camp understands the importance of music as an unorthodox method to engage his progressively minded audiences.

Between ingeniously playing Travis Scott and Young Thug’s “Pick Up the Phone” and Sheer Mag’s “Expect the Bayonet” it’s a card they’ve continuously pulled and now throughout 2020, nearly every notable alternative and indie artist is jumping on board to fire up supporters at his rallies. Vampire Weekend got a second round after performing for the Bern in 2016 playing favourites at the Iowa caucus while Jack White revisited his high school to blister through classics and perform a cover of Bob Dylan’s “License to Kill”, a song that accuses mankind of imperialism. Recently, The Strokes played a lively victory set at the New Hampshire primary, unveiled a new song, announced their new album, and had the whole thing shut down by the cops. It’s an exciting time to Feel the Bern as a music fan to say the least.

Here’s everyone who’ve rocked/who’ll rock the vote on the Sanders campaign trail thus far:

Bela Fleck

Bon Iver

Brother Ali and the New Power Generation

Hand Habits

Jack White

Jesse & Joy

Joyce Manor

Local Natives

Lucy Dacus

Lykke Li

Miike Snow

Oh Sees


Pet Symmetry

Portugal. the Man

Public Enemy


Soccer Mommy


Sunflower Bean

The Strokes

Vampire Weekend

Young the Giant

Meanwhile Elizabeth Warren has pulled in John Legend and Melissa Etheridge, Pete Buttigieg has booked David Crosby and Mandy Moore, Joe Biden nabbed Cher as the singular musician to play his rally, and Tom Steyer counts TLC as a supporter. Yikes.

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