Noise Cancelling AirPods are Officially on the Way

Apple up the ante on their lofty in ear headphones that hit shelves tomorrow.

Noise Cancelling AirPods are Officially on the Way
photo credit: techradar



10/29/2019 10:37 AM

With Apple TV+ available this Friday, Apple has announced the launch of their rumoured noise cancelling AirPods Pro, a high end version of their widely popular wireless in ear headphones. The headphones feature immersive sound and an all new lighter weight design with silicone ear tips that can contour based on the user’s ears. Reactions to the headphones shorter-longer visual design were of little fanfare

Using Apple’s new “Adaptive EQ” to automatically tune frequencies based on the shape of the user’s ear for personalized high quality audio, AirPods Pro also promises longer battery life and more comfortability with a ventilation system for equalizing pressure. Perhaps most impressive is their noise cancellation mode capabilities that monitor the level of active noise to 200 times per second. Both ear phones contain two microphones, with one monitoring ambient noise and the other facing inward to cut out any additional remaining sound. With these features, the headphones still maintain their IPX4 water resistance rating, which for you means somewhere between sweat and rain.

The new AirPods are a seemingly overdue development, as noise cancellation has been a feature dominant in the over ear headphone market for quite some time. Amazon’s in ear headphones, the "echo buds" featuring Bose noise reduction are about to hit shelves for $170. Though it seems they’re everywhere now, Apple’s line of lofty in-ears still represent something of a status symbol with “AirPod flexing” becoming a new form of privileged social signalling to the point of humour.

available tomorrow for $329 Canadian.