Slowthai Makes an Ass of Himself at NME Awards

The UK rapper was escorted from the premises after sexually harassing a presenter and confronting an audience member during his speech.

Slowthai Makes an Ass of Himself at NME Awards



2/12/2020 11:20 PM

Hot to trot grime punk rapper Slowthai engaged in an altercation with an audience member after winning Hero Of the Year at the NME Awards at Brixton Academy tonight. As soon as he reached the stage it seemed like he did everything he could to have the award revoked.

Accepting the fan voted honour, Slowthai, visibly intoxicated, publicly harassed Canadian writer and comedian presenter Katherine Ryan calling her jealous, leering over her, propositioning her for a shag, and asking her to smell his cologne. He then shushed her, called her “baby girl,” and leaned his head on her breasts. “You ain’t never had someone play with you like I’d played with you,” said the rapper in front of an audience of thousands.

Katherine Ryan did the best she could with what she had and sarcastically claimed that she was “so thirsty for (his) cock. Thank you for the attention.” before making a disgusted face. I’m not making this up.

Slowthai then went on to tell her she could earn him to which she replied “Or I could just earn loads of money and buy my own house without a man.” and called him “needle dick.”

Responding to jeers from the crowd, the rapper accused an audience member of ruining his speech and threw his mic at him before it was hurled back at him along with a cocktail. Calls of “wasteman” and “misogynist” can be heard in footage. Slowthai then threw his drink, jumped into the crowd before security swiftly detained him and escorted him out of the event. Attendee Taylor Swift was said to have been “gobsmacked” at the situation with some noticing her jaw drop.

Katherine Ryan took to Twitter seemingly defending his actions and clarifying her ability to defuse the situation. Calling him a sweet boy and fun.

Slowthai, up for eight nominations opened the show with “Deal Wiv It” backed by Mura Masa and mooned the entire room. He is no stranger to controversy. Last year at the Mercury Prize Ceremony at the Apollo in London, Slowthai took his clothes off, held up a severed head prop resembling Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and shouted out a string of obscenities. His midriff banners a tattoo reading “nothing great about Britain.”

See footage from the disaster below.