The King of Shade: Examining Prince's Greatest Hits

We'll miss you Purple One.

The King of Shade: Examining Prince's Greatest Hits


Kayla Vickers

4/23/2021 11:00 AM

Join us for our last day of Prince week for something a lot of you have probably been waiting for.. the meme quotient. Prince was a human meme. Just imagine having him over for dinner, not making eye contact with anyone, discussing random religious parables, and demanding tangerines. This guy became a caricature of himself in the 90's draping himself in blankets, making outlandish statements, and directing Graffiti Bridge. By sheer legacy, no one seemed to care about Prince's ego or animation and post-Super Bowl, we all got in on the funk. That's right. The advent of memes meant Prince was set to take over yet another medium. It didn't hurt that we had 40 years of banked content, throwing shade and getting in tiffs with other musicians. So today we've collected a few that range from the well known to the obscure. We hope you respect and understand how Prince paved the way for the twitter generation. Good night my sweet Prince.

-Aaron Chan

When he didn’t care about singing “We are the World:”

During a live performance of "We are the World" at the American Music Awards in 1995, Prince refused to sing, allegedly saying he thought the song was horrible and he "didn't want to be around those muthafuckas." Instead, he hung around the head of the stage with Quincy Jones the stage with sunglasses on and a lollipop in his mouth.

When he walked out of The View after Sherri Shepherd said she wanted to make love to him:

Sheri interrupted the interview and said, "You don't understand Prince, I have wanted to make love to you for my whole life!" Prince responded "and on that note" and walked out.

When he called a rare press conference only to take no questions and play an impromptu set instead:

The time he kicked Kim K off stage for being too damn stiff and refusing to dance:

The Purple One shooed her away and shouted "Get off the stage!"

That time he slammed singers who lip-sync:

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"I am a musician I don't sample, it's not Memorex I go on stage and my microphone is on" stares directly at the camera and blinks.

His major side-eye at the 2015 Grammy’s:


 "Albums, remember those, Albums still matter, like books and black lives, albums still matter."

When you could tell how much he wasn’t feeling a pregnant Alicia Keys climbing on the piano while paying tribute to him in 2010:

When asked what he thought of the newer generation of artists like Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber he responded "Well different strokes for different folks I guess"

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