Who Is In The Revolution?

Our guide to what made The Revolution Prince's most iconic band and who exactly make up these perm haired, blouse laden scoundrels.

Who Is In The Revolution?


Aaron Chan

4/22/2021 12:07 PM

Who Is In the Revolution? 

The movie version which Prince dissolved in 1986. Prince’s most iconic band was intended to be a multi-racial, multi-gendered ensemble inspired by Sly and the Family Stone. Their synergy, understanding of spectacle, and gift for gear combined with Prince at the helm was unmatched.

1. Wendy & Lisa

Wendy Melvoin -Rhythm Guitar and Vocals

Lisa Coleman – Keyboards, Synthesizers, Vocals

Wendy and Lisa Remember Prince - One Year After Prince's Death, Wendy and  Lisa Are Ready to Mourn Through Song

Wendy & Lisa are the heart and soul of The Revolution. Lisa signed on in 1980 bringing along her girlfriend Wendy shortly after. They were in Purple Rain (1984), played on Purple Rain, played on Around the World in a Day, and Parade and Under the Cherry Moon. They were vocal about not getting the recognition and credit they deserved. Things became even more complicated when Prince began dating Wendy’s twin sister. The last straw seemed to be Prince’s decision to expand The Revolution to include background dancers. They were convinced to stay until the end of the Hit N Run Parade tour, but Prince dissolved the group anyway so they were dismissed.

2. Dr. Fink

Matthew Robert Fink - Keyboards, Synthesizers, Vocals

Dr. Fink onstage rare photo 1999 Tour! | Rare photos, Purple reign, Photo  archive

Who’s the guy in surgical mask and scrubs in the space station? Dr. Fink went on to have a lucrative career as a session musician after his career was touched. You see, Prince loved Fink and even kept him around after he ended The Revolution. Fink was crucial to Prince’s sound, acting as the T.O.N.T.O. to his Stevie Wonder and helping him program the synth driven “Dirty Mind.”

3. Bobby Z.

Robert Rivkin - Drums, Percussion

Prince, Bobby Z and Dez Dickerson 1980 | Prince music, Prince, Prince  tribute

Prince’s secret weapon and errand boy while working for manager Owen Husney. Trust was established quickly with Prince mentioning on the liner notes of his self-titled as a heaven sent helper. Prince was adamant about having a white drummer to ensure a racially diverse band ala Sly Stone and added Z. for Controversy. Beginning with 1999, Prince began incorporating drum machines into his music and Z. had to learn how to operate the machinery in concert and studio. Much to his detriment he was replaced by Sheila E, far and away the most celebrated drummer Prince ever worked with.

4. BrownMark

Mark Brown - Bass, Vocals

Prince fined bassist for mistakes, 'cheated' him out of millions: memoir

BrownMark joined The Revolution in 1981 one year out of high school to play on Controversy. He was well versed in funk citing Larry Graham, The Brothers Johnson, and Bootsy Collins as primary influences. According to Prince mythology, BrownMark took Prince’s demo intended for his own project Mazarati and turned it into “Kiss,” which Prince reclaimed.