Smack Media is an organization built around delivering the word of music from the voices of people who actually give a damn about it.

From two friends sitting at a table talking about their views and opinions on modern popular music, the artistic merit of production, the rarity of good songwriting, and the importance of a good story in the context of great music. We may have grown in number but the fundamentals haven’t changed.

In a new world of universal access to endless content and promotion, we believe a curation process is what the popular and alternative music fan needs right now.

Smack Media does 5 things: long form news on tentpole subjects, a weekly wrap up aimed to entertain and inform, reviews on albums and tour stops, and collaborative feature pieces. Oh yeah and since we all make playlists anyway we figure we do it together as Smackheads and let our visitors in on the fun.

It’s a conversation, one that gets you thinking about the music we hang on to like oxygen. It’s less so an authority on what’s good or bad and more of a celebration of individual tastes. Is “Only Shallow” by My Bloody Valentine a better song than Sean Paul’s “Get Busy”? We at Smack can’t seem to find an answer to this question.

It could go anywhere from a reiteration of something obvious that we can all embrace or an explosive take that gets everybody involved in the discussion.

We aim to report and review with this love of music in mind. Music comes first before ego or agenda. That's what Smack is about.

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