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Jules and Rue in the dark in euphoria love


Fez, filters, and funk; why you should be watching Euphoria …It’s just heroin.
Even by the show’s high standards, “All the Bells Say” is lights out from start to finish.
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Roman sent a dick pic to his dad and looks mortified
Throughout its season's penultimate episode "Chiantishire," particularly in its shocking conclusion, Succession uses water to convey characters' trauma.
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kendall on the balcony with an ipad douchebag
The Succession ensemble face a harsh reckoning with reality in "Too Much Birthday."
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Our Favourite Songs of 2021

ellen ripley shoots flames out of a gun to test it out for the film aliens

160 MORE FOR THE 2010S

j dilla and two of his friends celebrate with a drink and head caps money and a hand signal

Happy Birthday Dilla

damon alburn sings song 2 at the camera screen hand on mic as a rug drapes the wall

Big Shiny Tunes

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