Aaron Chan

Aaron Chan is one of the two principal owners of SMACK Media. He handles all business operations and oversees the management of content. Aaron’s editorial and news coverage is informed by his experience as a musician, a chef, an entrepreneur. His management of SMACK Media’s operation is informed by his Business Management Diploma achieved in the pandemic, a wide intake of sacred journalism texts, and above all a key interest in and respect for popular art and culture.

tyler the creator dances in a leopard print shirt with a blue hat and a$ap rocky laughs

The Best and Worst of 2021: A Year in Superlatives

From “Album of the Year” to “Flavour of the Month,” SMACK picks their favourite stories in a non-stop year.
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An Intimate Night With Sloan (11/13)

The band's tight chemistry and selections from their 30 year catalogue make their live return everything fans should expect it to be.
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