Jared Marshall

Jared Marshall is one of the two principal owners of SMACK. Jared and Aaron’s friendship, partnership, and shared interest in all things pop culture continues to be a major touchpoint in SMACK Media’s content slate and future plans. Capable of offering valuable insight on everything from geopolitics to horror movies, Jared’s writing is informed by his academic tenure spanning both journalism and social outreach, his open-minded approach to life, and a vested interest in music and visual mediums.

jared marshall aisling murphy steven marshall Thomas Desormeaux brendan sully daniels as the characters from succession with brian cox and cousin greg

We Took the Crazy Succession Personality Quiz That’s Destroying the Internet

"That was about as choreographed as a dog getting fucked on roller skates.”
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Call Me If You Get Lost (3/11)

Check out our review and podcast on Tyler the Creator and his dominating show at the Scotia.
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