Blake Bartholomew

Blake is a contributing writer focusing on film and alternative music. His writing is informed by his academic career, his skillset as a musician, and a deep knowledge in film, literature, and history. Blake is more interested in peeling back layers to convey the significance of any work than achieving a reaction, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t capable of surprising his readers. A content producer at light frequency since SMACK’s inception, his contributions to of SMACK are of the finest.

The smiths in london black and white winter cardigan on Morrissey hearts

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About The Queen is Dead

On its middle aged birthday, The Smiths' definitive work gets the SMACK Media shrine treatment - discussion, multimedia, and contemporary fare.
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dan bejar and destroyer play on a tight stage

Destroyer: The Opera House (03/04)

Even the dissenters to Destroyer’s disco shift in the 2010s would be floored by the kinetic interplay between the musicians who, while rarely striving to virtuosity, were never afraid to show their flare.
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