Numbers Don’t Lie: Ye’s DONDA

Some of the insane statistics Kanye West is pulling in ahead of his top shelf listening event tonight at Soldier Field.

Numbers Don’t Lie: Ye’s DONDA



8/26/2021 11:45 AM

Album delays, fallouts, grandiosity, conspiracy theories with little backing… welcome to the #DONDA rollout. With the promo circuit for his 10th album creating an insane amount of hype off an album we know very little about, Kanye’s album delays are putting him back in the middle of the conversation. Call it a subversion of the format, call it lacklustre, call it the world’s biggest three card monty… Kanye West, though remaining strangely quiet, is pulling in a serious amount of cash through his live events, merchandising, and streams.

The Kanye West album drop would not be complete without his signature hysterics, this time involving an application to change his name to the two letter "Ye" and doxxing Drake’s home address in Toronto’s bridal path after he took a subliminal diss in the latter’s “Betrayal” with Trippie Redd. Kanye’s team seem to be manically putting together his third show, which management promises will be more upscale than the last at Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, an event which saw West suspend hundreds of feet in the air.

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He’s moved to the bigger Soldier Field in his hometown of Chicago and seems to be keeping his promise. It was revealed on August 24 that West would be building a replica of his childhood home within the stadium through Kim Kardashian’s Instagram story. West recently wiped his Instagram save for a single photo vector of the house his mother, the record's namesake, raised him in. So in light of the DONDA circus sure to break more records, let’s take a look at the numbers Kanye has been doing since the world was introduced to his new era on July 22.

Read more on DONDA and how there may be more to Kanye’s album delays after all.

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How long did we have to wait between God’s Country, (the project that became DONDA)’s promised date and the initial DONDA announcement?




How many times has he officially pushed it?

Five. It was promised on July 23 via the Beats commercial and cosigned by Def Jam

Then Media personality LaBoy and DONDA informant announced a new date for August 6

Then West’s camp promised August 7, the day before the next promised release date, adjusted by Itunes who made the album available for August 7

It was then pushed to August 13…Then to the 20th

Now Kanye is hosting another DONDA party on August 26 in Chicago with another proposed date of September 5.

How many songs are on DONDA at the time of this article’s posting?


How many guests are on the album as of right now?


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First Week US Sales Performance of Kanye West’s Albums:

Jesus Is King – 264,000

Kids See Ghosts – 142,000

Ye – 208,000

The Life Of Pablo – 90,000 (got screwed over by downloads)

Yeezus – 327,000

Watch the Throne – 436,000

MBDTF – 496,000

808s – 450,000

Graduation – 957,000

Late Registration – 860,000

The College Dropout – 441,000

How many Kanye West songs have appeared on the Billboard Hot 100?

110, finally passing Elvis Presley he was tied with until August 2 with Kanye’s feature on Pop Smoke’s “Tell the Vision.” Drake holds the record with 236 followed by the Glee cast with 207. West currently has the seventh most Hot 100 entries.

How many people viewed the second DONDA stadium event vs the first?

Almost two million with 5.4 million people tuning in vs the initial 3.3 million in July.

How much did tickets set you back for the Mercedes Benz Stadium release events?


How many seconds of No Child Left Behind are in the Beats ad?

One minute or the entire commercial, constituting the only playable audio officially released by the West camp for the record.

How much money has Donda merch pulled in?

$7 million per event. Guests could make purchase decisions between $120 long sleeve graphic tee shirts and $300 bullet proof vests. The VIP snack bar however, the items of which went viral in their ludicrous price scaling, brings revenues entirely to the venue and not the West camp.


How expensive was the snack bar at the first Kanye West Listening Party?


How high have Kanye’s streams increased since DONDA came into consciousness?

88% in one week, which is massive at 16 million streams. After the second party, he saw an additional 31% increase. Since his private announcement in Vegas on July 19, West’s music has been streamed 240.2 million times, a 37% increase from the previous period from June 27 - July 18.

On July 23, West posted 16 million total on-demand streams (including both his solo work and working alongside Jay-Z as The Throne), according to MRC Data. On Aug 6, his streams reached 13.6 million, up 31% from the 10.4 million he posted the Friday before.

Ye’s streaming figures saw another (albeit smaller) spike following the second DONDA listening party; he posted 13.6 million on-demand spins on August 6, up 31 percent from the previous Friday. In total, Kanye West’s music has been streamed 240.2 million times between July 19, when he announced the first Donda listening event, and August 9, a 37 percent increase from the previous 22-day period between June 27 and July 18.

How many people voted in Mike Dean’s Discord X r/WestSubEver poll for preferred versions of “Hurricane” with or without Lil’ Baby and The Weeknd?

999 with 76 people preferring no guests, 51 preferring the version with guests, and 872 voting for a hybrid of the two. r/WestSubEver has 66.7k members subscribed, constituting something of an official news representative during the DONDA rollout.

How many years did it take Kanye to get Demna Gvasalia from Balenciaga?

Just over five, he is now the creative director of DONDA and the man behind the production of the live streams.

How much money is the Donda bulletproof vest that Kanye wore on Aug 5 selling for?

$20,000 at Justin Reed’s consignment shop, with MBD as an abbreviation for My Body Different.

How long has Kanye been talking about stem players for?

How many interviews has Kanye given from 2002-2020?


How many interviews Kanye has given for DONDA so far?


How long could Kanye have to wait to change his name to Ye as per the California Legal System?

Three months


What capacity are they holding tonight for DONDA at Soldier Field?

60.32% = 38,000 instead of the venue’s 63,000.

The amount of people who got the provided Pfizer vaccinations at the second Donda listening event in Atlanta?


The amount of doses ready to go for interested attendees at Soldier Field?


The amount of upvotes on doodle drop’s theory post?

Currently, 2.6k. u/DoodleDrop posits that Kanye plans to create the first official unreleased album, perhaps making some sense out of all of this.


The amount of tickets Kanye donated to the faculty, staff, and students from Atlanta’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities for the second DONDA listening event?

5000. He also reserved five for Kim and the kids.


How old is Kanye West?

44 which would explain why he’s so angry at that Drake lyric Trippie Redd’s “Betrayal” when he dropped it on Saturday August 21.

“All these fools I’m beefin’ that I barely know/ 45, 44 (burned out), let it go/ Ye ain’t changin’ s--- for me, it’s set in stone.”

The amount of people in Toronto who probably don’t know where Drake lives:


<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Is Kanye ready to go to war against Drake⁉️ 👀 <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; XXL Magazine (@XXL) <a href="">August 21, 2021</a></blockquote> <script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>

What’s the budget on the Kanye documentary being developed at Netflix?

30 million which includes budgeting for an extensive archive of inside footage and worldwide rights clearances for West’s catalogue, which if true would qualify as the highest sold documentary of all time.